Profile Of Speakers

Muma Ng’ambi

Investment Initiative, Prospero Limited Zambia.

Muma is a Witwatersrand Business School Finance and investment graduate who is a seasoned investment advisor with over 7 years of experience in the private investment sector in Zambia.

She has a proven track record of leading private equity and capital market transactions and delivering strong investment results, providing strategic investment advice to clients, and analyzing investments from an impact perspective. She then transitioned into an impact investment role at Prospero Limited Zambia a is an independent not-for-profit organization that works closely with NABII Zambia to advance impact investment into Zambia. Her role is to analyse and recommended investments that generate positive social and environmental outcomes while also providing financial returns. In this role, she works closely with several social entrepreneurs to help them grow their businesses and achieve their impact objectives.  She is passionate about helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams and create positive social and environmental impact through their businesses.