Profile Of Speakers

Ntombi Mbele

Economic and Trade Advisor, Embassy of Switzerland to South Africa

Ntombi Mbele is a young, passionate policy and trade economist whose focus is in demystifying economics and making it an inclusive discipline that speaks to all economic agents.  She is a highly competent economist who holds a Master’s degree from the University of Johannesburg in the field of Economics and Industrial Policy. Her interests economic include structural policy analysis, international trade policy, economic modelling ,financial markets,fiscal and monetary policy analysis, advanced micro and macroeconomics, developmental finance, supply and value chain analysis, industrial policy designs and overall emerging market development.

Her educational background includes a Bcom Economics and Econometrics – University of Johannesburg Bcom Honours Degree in Econometrics- University of Johannesburg Regional Trade Agreements in Africa – Honours Research Testing Kaldorian Laws in South African Province’s- Masters Dissertation. She currently works as an Economic and Trade Advisor at the Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa. Her primary responsibilities include conducting economic research and providing strategic policy advice to the Embassy and the Swiss government in its bilateral relations with South Africa, Botswana, eSwatini, Lesotho, Mauritius and Namibia. She also consults on trade, regulatory and economic policy matters for Swiss companies operating in the host countries. Part of her responsibilities also include analysing regional and continental economic and financial developments (SACU, ACFTA, SADC, etc.), as well as at the global multilateral level (WTO, G20, etc.). She also Laisses with senior government officials, development banks as well counterparts at other foreign missions and international organizations. 

She previously worked as a Quantamental Analyst at UBS Investment Bank South Africa and was responsible for quantifying investment positions of stocks, analysing macro and micro economics for both domestic and international markets and subsequently providing recommendations to the equities market clients in the Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Ntombi has previously worked for Investec as a Private Investment Banker, she was also junior lecturer at the University of Johannesburg (Economics Department) and recently guest lectured at Fordham University in New York on Regional Trade in the age of Multipolarity. She is an Independent Economist for BRICS magazine as well as Business Day, and was a frequent feature on Talk 702, Radio 2000, Kaya FM and Power FM business shows. Ntombi is also very passionate about youth development, particularly youth from previously disadvantaged communities. In her capacity as a board member of The Future Shapers Youth Organisation, Ntombi assists youth from the townships with entry to university and with providing information about various bursary schemes available for funding their academic pursuits. Ntombi is an avid reader and has participated in International Debating and Pubic Speaking Competitions during her tenure at university. With her very humble beginnings, Ntombi Mbele has set her sight on high mountains, many which she has conquered, many which she is yet to summit.

Her ultimate goal in life is to have a meaning impact in society through the work that I do. She believes that her understanding of economics as a social science and as an instrument for fostering structural change and strengthening regional and international trade relations can result in a more equitable society that is founded on the principals of social justice, of inclusion, of human value and of joint economic prosperity.